Strikes, Spares and Splits

A HUGE part of living an Unrivaled life is doing what you can to promote and enable others to do the same. I was able to find my passion because I had a mentor, friends and family who empowered me to do what I love. In return, I feel happily indebted to expose others to the possibilities of life. From a young age, one of my favorite ways to explore the world was through books. I currently enjoy a monthly book club with a diverse group of thoughtful young women. The same young woman who invited me to join this book club is also a member of an amazing Non-Profit, Read Ahead.

Read Ahead intervenes at a pivotal point in children’s schooling to improve their odds for a better and more literate life. By taking part in their reading-based mentoring program, students who struggle with reading are able to increase their proficiency and improve their self-confidence, motivating them to read more for pleasure in school and at home. The Reading Mentors program does more than develop necessary reading skills. It enables children to create lives for themselves that are fulfilling, and often, inspiring.

On February 26th, the Read Ahead organization will have it's annual fundraising benefit, Strikes, Spares and Splits. As a friend of Read Ahead I have decided to participate by joining a bowling team, The Wesley Crushers (my ode to Big Bang), as well as donating a Veronika Vial for silent auction! As a team our goal is to raise $1,000 to contribute to the Read Ahead Organization.

It costs $535 to put one student through the Read Ahead program for the school year.  Friends of Read Ahead has set a goal to exceed the $50,000 collectively raised by the 2014 bowling teams.  Raising $60,000 will allow us to fund 112 students next school year! We are excited about the possibilities and hope that you are too. 

Donating $25, $50, or $100 makes all the difference!

For more information on how you can participate in Strike, Spares and Splits! ---> Click Here