Unrivaled Monday: Brittany Singh

"For I Know the Plans I Have for You. Plans to Prosper You and Not to Harm You, Plans to Give You Hope and a Future"

Genuine friendships are extremely valuable because they are so hard to come by. My relationships, especially with women, have become exceedingly important to me. Instead of pursuing relationships based on superficial attributes and/or similar social habits, I've learned to surround myself with women who have commonalities of positive character.  Some of my longest and most beneficial connections have been made with people who are of different cultural, spiritual and economical backgrounds.  On my journey through life I have been blessed to foster one of these rare and amazing friendships with Brittany Singh, who through her passion and work, is embodying her idea of an Unrivaled life.

Brittany is a young activist based in Kingston Jamaica whose goal is to bring innovation to the forefront of the Caribbean education system. She believes that by developing critical thinking and decisive problem solving we can help to produce future generations of strong leaders. Her work has allowed her to travel the world, from China, Qatar, Mexico and the Bahamas, Brittany is upheld as a Global Shaper.

What does an Unrivaled Life mean to you? An Unrivaled life means setting yourself apart. Standing your ground no matter how difficult the journey may be. It means creating and living a life worth talking about.

How did you find your purpose and what advice would you give to people who have yet to find theirs'? I found my calling through the exploration of my faith. I truly believe the Holy Spirit led me to God's purpose for my life. I would advise people to take time to reflect on who you are, the things that get you up in the morning and live each day. These things are the foundation of who you are and what you are called to do.

Favorite Veronika piece, and why? The Pearl necklace, it is simple but catches your attention.

You can support Brittany and her mission to transform the Boy's Town Infant and Primary School at www.CBFaceyFoundation.com.

"Fashion Rules: Restyled"

To say that I have been obsessed with London would be a modest statement.  I have always felt that there was something drawing me across the pond. As my design aesthetic is heavily influenced by the European 15th Century's Elizabethan Era, a trip to the United Kingdom was inevitably impending. As my birthday approached I saw it as a prime opportunity for exploration. Prior to my arrival I did my due diligence in seeking activities.  At the top of my list was the Kensington Palace exhibit "Fashion Rules: Restyled". An in-depth look at how HM The Queen, Princess Margaret and Diana, Princess of Wales navigated the fashion ‘rules’ defined by their royal duties in unique style. 

Following my itinerary, I headed to Kensington on the second day of my trip. I hired a bike and rode a very short path up to the palace. The outside of Kensington was a bit unassuming although upon entry to the exhibit I was blown away. The display opened up with a jaw dropping gown, "The Flowers of the Fields of France", by Norman Hartnell. This gown was worn by Queen Elizabeth II in 1957 on the first day of the Royal Tour of France. This amongst 17 other dresses told the story of Royal dress and its fluid progression. "The Fashion Rules: Restyled" exhibit left me inspired and in awe so much that I made a second visit during my stay a priority. The exhibit runs until January 3rd, 2017. Below are some of my favorite dresses from the collection.

Veronika X Marian NYC

Marian of Marian NYC reviews the Leith Choker (Crystalline).

"This is a gorgeous choker that I would wear for a fancy event or dinner. I also prefer gold over silver so this is an accessory that goes well with my personal style. I feel extremely confident and sassy wearing it and it’s amazing how a piece of jewelry can bring you a sense of confidence and even power.

I also love the fact that the necklace has a clasp on the back to adjust the tightness and width. A big concern I had with chokers was that the uncomfortable aspect, since it normally fits right around your neck, which seems like there’s no room to breathe. However, that’s not the case with this necklace from Veronika. I didn’t feel any discomfort whatsoever."

Read the entire review here.


“I've been popular and unpopular successful and unsuccessful loved and loathed and I know how meaningless it all is. Therefore I feel free to take whatever risks I want.”

Veronika Launch

Thank you to all the Fabulous guests that attended the Veronika Launch event this past Saturday! 


Cremation Diamonds

If you're like me and have worried about the bugs and worms that will chow down on you if you choose to be buried 6ft under when the time comes; fear no more. There is an Unrivaled alternative to the traditional "afterlife" burial, the Cremation Diamond. Under high heat and pressure, human remains can now be turned into diamonds. Even in death imagine the compliments you'd get! The epitome of "going out in style". Read more about cremation diamonds here